Individualizing pathways

A full-spectrum weight health platform for your people—and your organization

Now, you can support the weight health needs of each employee—with or without medication. WeightWatchers for Business delivers the only platform with individualized pathways based on true clinical need.


A complete
solution in sync
with your goals


Maximum cost control, best clinical outcomes, sustained weight loss


Put it all together in pathways


Proven behavior change program

We’re the leader in sustained weight loss and overall improvement in weight health. Each experience meets members where they are both culturally and clinically, including GLP-1 and diabetes-specific programs. And our digital experience makes it all available anywhere, anytime.

Effective & sustainable

  • 5% weight loss sustained after one year1

Members living with diabetes:

  • 0.75% decrease in HbA1c2
  • 40% increase in self-esteem2


Virtual clinic and medication management

Our virtual care clinic supports the management of obesity as a chronic condition with medical management by obesity-trained clinicians. Our complete care includes evidence-based behavioral programs and appropriate access to treatment using on-ramp, step therapy, and de-escalation protocols. 

Members on GLP-1 medications:

  • 15.9%: Average weight loss at 6 months3
  • 21%: Average weight loss at 12 months3


Scalable coaching and communities

Support is vital for sustained weight loss and improved quality of life. That’s why we make coaching accessible through our digital app with 24/7 chat and personalized coaching tailored to each member’s clinical needs. 

Our thriving digital and in-person communities offer thousands of affinity groups to help people stay connected and accountable throughout their weight-health journey.

1 Ahern A. et al. (2017) Extended and standard duration weight-loss programme referrals for adults in primary care (WRAP): a randomised controlled trial. Lancet. 389(10085):2214-2225. 
2 Based on a 6-month multicenter study demonstrating significant changes in weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, waist circumference, diabetes distress, and quality of life. Apolzan JW et al. A Scalable, Virtual Weight Management Program Tailored for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: Effects on Glycemic Control. Nutrition & Diabetes. 2023. Study funded by WW International, Inc.
3 WW Observational Study.

Finding the balance

Managing rising prescription costs is a challenge, but improved weight health provides clear cost savings.

The problem: 
The weight health landscape is changing

  • Rx costs are skyrocketing– significant demand, with growing clinical indications for GLP-1 for both T2D and obesity. 
  • Need for program to support cost control around Rx spend - lack of comprehensive solutions.  
  • Point solution vendors narrowly focused on weight management, high-acuity clinical intervention or diabetes. 

Partnership with
WeightWatchers for Business

  • Delay/avoidance of costly medications through a step-therapy approach
  • Engagement as access, combining behavior change program with medications
  • Protocols to support de-escalation of medications when appropriate

Improved Weight Health

  • Avoidance of high-cost claims tied to obesity and related conditions
  • Reduced cost exposure
  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction

Always guided by science

A team of advisers keeps our programs aligned with the latest science to help you and your employees achieve meaningful results.

Jamy Ard, M.D.

Co-director of Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Weight Management Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Professor of epidemiology and prevention and medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine


Robert F. Kushner, M.D.

Director of Center for Lifestyle Medicine in Chicago

Professor of medicine and medical education at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Evanston, Illinois



Ania Jastreboff, M.D., Ph.D.

Director of Yale Medicine Center for Weight Management in New Haven, Connecticut

Associate professor of medicine and pediatrics at Yale School of Medicine

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