WeightWatchers for Business and Personify Health Partner to Help Employers Address Weight Health Care

Personify Health clients will now have integrated access to WeightWatchers for Business’s full-spectrum weight health platform

May  1, 2024


NEW YORK and PROVIDENCE, R.I.,(May 1, 2024)  WeightWatchers (NASDAQ: WW), (“WeightWatchers,” “WW,” or the “Company”) today announced that WeightWatchers for Business is partnering with Personify Health (formerly Virgin Pulse) to support employers looking to provide weight health care solutions for their populations. Now, organizations using the Personify Health personalized health platform will have integrated access to WeightWatchers for Business and its full-spectrum weight health platform, which is customizable to support benefit coverage decisions. The spectrum of care is flexible and can grow in intensity from behavioral to medical interventions and a combination thereof for users on the platform, providing individualized pathways according to true clinical need. 

“Obesity is a serious and costly, yet common issue. Employers are well-positioned to play an important role in helping their employees manage their weight and improve their overall health, but they can’t go it alone,” said Jeffrey Jacques, MD, chief medical officer at Personify Health. “WeightWatchers has evolved with the latest research and science, and we recognize their recent innovations to provide scalable and flexible health solutions that address key aspects of weight health. We’re proud to add WeightWatchers for Business to our partner ecosystem, providing an array of tools to help members achieve their desired personalized weight health and cardiometabolic goals.”

Highlights of the full-spectrum WeightWatchers for Business platform that allows users to achieve their desired results include:  

  • WeightWatchers’ science-backed behavior-change programs for sustained outcomes, as well as weight health behavioral programs tailored to those living with diabetes and those on GLP-1 medications.
  • Access to virtual clinic care and medication management for those eligible, including GLP-1s and other anti-obesity medications, when appropriate and based on employer coverage, under the guidance of board-certified clinicians as well as registered dietitians, fitness specialists, and care coordinators.
  • Robust virtual and real-life communities and coaching support at scale.
  • Integrated health insights for real-time data access and analysis.


WeightWatchers for Business has been a B2B partner for more than 35 years, with experience spanning 500+ businesses across all industries. With its science-backed weight health care platform, WeightWatchers for Business supports all acuity levels, taking a weight health first approach and optimized for those members living with overweight, obesity, pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. Additionally, the platform combines the power of WeightWatchers’ behavior change program with WeightWatchers Clinic to produce effective and sustainable results1. Results include members seeing a 19.4% average weight loss at 12 months2, 80% maintained weight loss when switching from GLP-1 to lower-cost medications3, and among members with high blood pressure at baseline, 85% of members achieved normal blood pressure at six months4

“We’re grateful for our partnership with Personify Health and proud to work alongside them as one of the most innovative leaders in the industry,” said Remi Cossart, Head of WeightWatchers Clinic and WeightWatchers for Business. “We understand the importance of weight health care and the needs of organizations, and are excited to open up access to Personify Health’s network to help eliminate weight bias, maximize personalized health outcomes, and ensure quality care.”

Personify Health's comprehensive partner ecosystem helps organizations close gaps in care across 25+ health and wellbeing categories while addressing the most common and costly health concerns. Companies using the Personify platform can choose to have access to WeightWatchers for Business to support the weight health care needs of their employees, complementing the impactful guidance from 200 coaches and actionable weight management content Personify offers.

About WW International, Inc.
WeightWatchers is a human-centric technology company powered by our proven, science-based, clinically effective weight loss and weight management programs. For six decades, we have inspired millions of people to adopt healthy habits for real life. We combine technology and community to help members reach and sustain their goals on our programs. To learn more about the WeightWatchers approach to healthy living, please visit For more information about our global business, visit our corporate website at

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Virgin Pulse and HealthComp have merged to become Personify Health, the company driven to engage and empower people to live healthier lives. By bringing industry-leading health plan administration, holistic wellbeing, and navigation solutions together, all in one place, we have created the industry’s first and only personalized health platform. With decades of experience and global operations, we empower diverse and unique businesses – and diverse and unique people – to engage more deeply in health at a lower cost. Through our proprietary combination of data-driven personalization, science-backed methodology, and concierge-level clinical expertise, our end-to-end platform makes it easier to proactively address people’s needs across their lives. With a personalized, holistic, and powerfully simple experience, we are redefining industry expectations and what it means to manage health. Learn more at 


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 1. WeightWatchers Clinic provides access to medical care through independent, affiliated medical practitioners. 
 2. Based on a sample of 6,089 WeightWatchers Clinic members with 12 months of data collected from 2022 - 2023. Manuscript under review.
 3. An observational study using member data conducted in 2024 among 207 WW Clinic members who switched from a second generation GLP-1 medication to bupropion, naltrexone, or metformin maintained their weight loss within 3 pounds or lost additional weight 13 weeks later. 
4. An observational study using member data conducted in 2024 among 943 WW Clinic members with blood pressure data at baseline and at 6 months and who had hypertension at baseline, 85% of those were normotensive at 6 months on WW Clinic.