Your full spectrum weight health platform


Bringing together the best behavior change program with clinical interventions to manage your organization's weight health costs.

Weight loss for your population


The worldwide prevalence of obesity has nearly tripled since 1975*



Weight health is a journey

WW is a full spectrum weight health solution with individualized pathways based on true clinical need including:

  • Behavior Change Program
  • Virtual Clinic Intervention / Medication Management
  • Community & Coaching
  • Integrated Health Insights

We guide each member through their journey to long-term weight loss with behavioral, social, clinical and functional support — delivered in the most cost-effective way. 

a weight health platform based in science

Our platform promises to:


WW helps prevent
obesity + diabetes


For medium- to high-acuity people, we help reverse
obesity + other cardiometabolic diseases like diabetes


Our obesity expert clinicians
help manage medication, including our proprietary de-escalation process

More than just weight loss: A Member Story

Take it from our members.
When Brigid needed to address health issues, including prediabetes and high cholesterol, she joined WeightWatchers through work because it was convenient. What Brigid found was a community of support and the flexibility she needed to achieve her goals.
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inspire healthy
habits for life

Successful wellness programs are customized to fit an organization’s unique challenges. But WeightWatchers’ Stevi Evans says some ingredients are universal.

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