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We Have a Plan to Support Every Employee

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Centered around WW’s award-winning app for self-guided weight loss and wellness. The app is packed with tools to help employees stay on track, like food and activity trackers, on-demand workouts and meditations, 10,500+ recipes, and more.


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Unlimited Workshops + Digital

This option includes guidance from trained WW Coaches and support from fellow members through both Virtual and in-person Workshops. Plus, all the benefits of Digital.


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WW for Diabetes

Members get unlimited access to a certified diabetes educator, a diabetes food plan customized to their needs, plus all the benefits of Unlimited Workshops + Digital.


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Kurbo by WW

Employees can help their children and teens eat healthier, move more, and feel great with Kurbo’s research-backed program, video-based personal Coaching, and a fun-to-use app.


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Our WW Health Solutions team is ready to help
you provide a turnkey, science-backed wellness solution. 
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